Devin and Stephanie are Moving

to Dallas, Texas

It's true, they will be moving!

In fact, Devin is there now. He received notice of a nice promotion and he has transferred to the Dallas office of his company, Ernst & Young. We will truly miss Devin and Stephanie who we dearly love, but we are happy for them to have this opportunity to experience a positive new situation in their life and to broaden their horizons. Stephanie will follow Devin to Dallas after she finishes the school year at the school where she now teaches. Until then, Devin will be commuting back to Seattle periodically on the weekends (whenever Stephanie is not down for a visit).

The following is the announcement that Devin's office released regarding his promotion:

DEPARTURE: Devin Schindele

It is with mixed feelings that I inform you Devin Schindele will be transferring to our Dallas office effective April 1. However, this is an excellent opportunity for Devin as he has been promoted to Records Manager. He will be telecommuting until mid-April and his wife, Stephanie, will be joining him in June.

Devin started with the Firm in April 2001 as the Seattle office Tax Fileroom staff. Devin's initiative  and willingness has been the key to his success not only within our office, but within the Area and across the nation. Devin accepted the additional responsibilities of PNW Area Records Champion in June 2003 and has been an active participant in assisting all PNW Area offices. He has been instrumental in the success of our other Area offices in providing onsite support, including staff interviewing and training, identifying on- and offsite records to be destroyed, and ensuring procedures are being implemented. Devin continues to also serve on the National Team, which included rewriting the Firm's Records Retention Policies and Procedures.

Please join me in wishing Devin and Stephanie best wishes as they embark on a new and exciting venture!  

             Karen Slaybaugh,  Seattle / Portland Location Manager , Ernst & Young

At least Devin and Stephanie will know someone there in Texas and they will be in good company. It just happens that Devin's god parents, Tom and Dar Carlson live in Austin with part of their family, and they have expressed excitement about the news.


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