We Have a New Family Addition


Diana and Pixie
Dave and Pixie

Her name is Pixie, and she is an Eskipoo. She is part American Eskimo and part Miniature Poodle.

For several months, Diana had been looking for that perfect dog that would fit into our family, and on June 15th she discovered this soft cuddly little fur ball. It all took a bit of research, however. She looked at various breeds on the Internet, looked into the classifieds, called humane societies, and visited puppy stores. On one occasion, a small Jack Russell puppy who was looking for a home visited us. On another occasion, we visited a Miniature Pincer in a local park who was also looking for a home. But, Diana was very particular even though it was very difficult to turn down the several prospects that she came across. She new that a larger dog would not fit with us (although she prefers larger dogs) because of the traveling we do. She knew that she didn't want to constantly groom a dog like what a poodle requires, but she also knew that she wanted something like a poodle that was non allergenic and didn't shed. She didn't want a dog that was a yipper or barked all the time and she didn't want a dog that was hyper or high strung and required lots of maintenance. Diana wasn't exactly sure what kind of dog would fit her requirements, but she figured that one day that particular dog would find her and she would know it.

As it happened, we were visiting some quilt and fabric stores (one of Diana's favorite pastimes) and after visiting the fifth quilt store on this particular day, there happened to be a puppy store next to it. As you have guessed, that perfect dog was there waiting for her to come in. The two of them looked into each other's eyes and they each knew at once that they were meant for each other.

Pixie's first bath

Pixie was 8 weeks old, weighed 3.5 pounds and appeared quite lonely when we got her. It did not take long, however, before she knew she had some real people in her life that cared about her. In a very short time she has learned several words of the human language. The first word she discovered was "TREAT" and the second word was "COME". That "come" word works really nice for us when she is off leash, especially when there is a reward attached to that word. When she is on leash, she has no problem and it is as if she has always known what a leash is. She follows along beside us on the left and goes for short walks. Anything more than around the block, however, is exhausting for her and a soft bed of grass then looks more appealing. She is still in the process of potty training, but we keep a close eye on her and she is now learning the word "OUTSIDE". She has also found that a real secure place to be is in her small crate where she spends the night hours without a whimper, except when she needs to go. So, we do need get up at night to let her outside and we are waiting for her to get old enough for her to hold it a little longer. Lucy, the big cat, is not yet a friend of hers, although little Pixie would desperately like to play with her. Lucy just doesn't seem to understand puppy play and she responds with a hiss, a raised claw, and a hunched back. But, Lucy is learning to tolerate Pixie and enjoys taunting Pixie when Pixie is on the leash. Although Lucy is not the best of friends, Pixie has discovered some other friends in the neighborhood; about four other new puppies within a half block of us. It looks like there are going to be a lot of birthday parties next year.

American Eskimo Miniture Poodle

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