Halloween Party Fun

On Sunday, October 31, we had a party and people started showing up at about 4pm. Those who attended were Devin and his fiance Stephanie, Karin and husband John (the Shifflettes) with Sponge Bob Square Pants (Marco) and Power Ranger (Meteo), Melissa and husband Baris (the Garguns) with Jack Sparrow the pirate (Kyle), and Chris and Humeyra Thomson with an angel (Jeyda) and fairy (Izel). Also attending were Grandma and Grandpa Gargun and Grandma Schindele.

The evening started out with a bit of wrestling between Sponge Bob and Jack Sparrow. Then there were races up and down the stairs to Jack Sparrows old bedroom where some toys were to be found, and then there were some brief moments of intent concentration while watching Pirates of the Caribbean on TV.

As many people know, Diana loves to throw a party, especially when food is involved. So, a sit-down dinner was provided for 18 people including the smaller costumed guests. Items on the menu included Frankenstein Salad, Scarecrow Chili, tossed green salad, Slumber Bag Breadsticks, Peter Peter Pumkin Bars, and Apple Harvest Cider. This tasty meal was devoured with delight but not before a few ghosts and goblins started knocking on the door. Soon, our costumed creatures could stand it no longer and had to join their fellow "trick or treaters". So, off they went with parents in tow. Altogether, over 250 spooky door knockers appeared at our door before we ran out of treats. We then  had to turn off the lights and pretend we were not at home.

Jeyda the Fairy Izel the Angel
Meto as Power Ranger Marco as Sponge Bob Square Pants Kyle as Jack Sparrow

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