Interests and Activities

Things We Do Together:

Clam Digging - It takes a bit of expertise to capture those razor clams.
Celebrate Our Scandinavian Heritage - And that is where some very good friends reside.
Bicycling - It takes two to tandem.
RVing - No more frost (or snow) on the tent for Diana.
Sailing - It just takes a fresh breeze to take you where you want to go, in the San Juan Islands.
Genealogy - There is some great American history behind Diana's ancestors.
Geology - The land we walk upon, or gaze in the distance at, always has our interest.
Hiking - It's one of the best ways to stay in tune with nature, especially on a mountain trail.
Auctions - It's the way we furnish our house, and collect antiques (junk?).
Visit with Grand Children - We spoil them and then give them back.
Visit Mom - When you visit mom, it's like going back home.

Attend Church and sing in Choir - This kind of singing is therapeutic for the soul.


Things Diana Does:

Fiber Crafting - Being creative can really be fun and time (money) consuming
Gardening - The smells drifting around in an herb garden can really be pleasant.

Cooking - Kust give Diana an excuse to try a new recipe, and a gourmet meal may result!

Shopping - What woman dosn't?

Things Dave Does:

Landscaping - He just never quits shoveling the dirt.
Photography and Video Editing - Being creative can really be fun and rewarding.
Drawing - Manuvering colored pencils is not for sissies.
Astronomy - It's a samll world when you contemplate the Solor System, Galaxies, and the Universe.
Skiing - With dreams of fresh powder snow.


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