Diana Has New Job

It's now official, Diana got the job she wanted and the one she has been waiting for. You would not think that someone with a life of leisure (and someone in retirement mode) would think of working again, but Diana has actually been working at this job for a few years already, although she has not put in as many hours as she'll now be working. In the middle of January, the Executive Director (Chuck Ayers) of the Cascade Bicycle Club asked her to become an employee and a member of the paid staff as "Volunteer Coordinator". This is the job she has already been doing on a volunteer basis for the "Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic" (the STP event), and to some extent the "Flying Wheels" and "RSVP" events that the club produces. She is working part time; working one day a week at the club and the rest of the time at home. So far, however, she has been putting in full time hours with most of her time spent on the computer and on the telephone. When the director heard that Dave would also be coming along with her during that one day a week (as a volunteer), he exclaimed that he didn't realize that he was getting two for the price of one! So, Dave is the official "Front Desk Administrator" handling phones, mail, and data entry for one day a week.

Actually, Diana got "thrown to the wolves" right away in her new job. Bicycle Expo was scheduled for February 18th and 19th, and Chilly Hilly was scheduled a week later for February 26th; both very large events where many volunteers were needed. In fact, several hundred volunteers were needed, especially for Bicycle Expo. And then, she was on site during Bicycle Expo managing the volunteers in their various duties. It was a big weekend where over 150 exhibitors from businesses and organizations from around the country showcased their bikes, gear, travel adventures, health and fitness programs, and other things. And there were presenters that included Sean Kelly and Davis Phinney (both famous cyclists), Joe Friel, Sally Edwards, Sister Madonna Buder, David Herlihy, and others (if you "Google" these names on the internet, you'll get an idea of their great importance to bicycling). It was a big job for her to recruit, organize, and manage all the volunteers to make Expo a success, but she did it. And she also managed to recruit, organize, and manage the volunteers for Chilly Hilly, the annual 33 mile bicycle ride around Bainbridge Island, which had over 4,500 riders.

Next on her schedule is "Bike to Work" month in May and "Bike to Work Day" on May 19th, where many more volunteers are again needed. Also, there is the "Bike to Work Breakfast" on May 2nd at a hotel in downtown Seattle for business leaders where many local and state officials will be present as well as dignitaries from the Seattle area, including the Mayor and County Executive. Next will be the "Flying Wheels" event in June, "STP" and "Cyclefest Outdoor Cinema" in July, "RSVP" in August, "Cascade Spawning Cycle" in September, the "Kitsap Color Classic" in October, and the "Volunteer Party" in December.

Altogether, Diana is quite happy in her new adventure and according to her, "it is the first job I've had that I truly enjoy doing".

Diana at her desk

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