Diana Rides STP in One Day !


One of the things that can be said about Diana is that "she never gives up" and this is especially true when she sets her mind on a specific goal. When it comes to bicycle riding, the goal that's been at the top of her list is to ride STP (the Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic) in one day. And this year, on Saturday, July 15th, she successfully accomplished that feat! It was truly a great accomplishment to ride a bicycle over 200 miles in one day, especially after working so hard and having very little sleep the previous few days.

STP 2006 Logo Diana at Finish Line

Being the Volunteer Coordinator for the Cascade Bicycle Club, she was responsible for procuring and organizing the volunteers who helped run this event. On Wednesday through Friday before the event, she had put in long hours managing the volunteers at "packet pickup" where a majority of the 9,000 riders came to pick up their rider numbers and other materials. Then on Friday evening (about 10:00 pm), she was at the start line (at the large E-1 parking lot at the University of Washington in Seattle) to make sure that it was being set up and would be ready for the morning start. At 3:00 am the next morning, she was again at the start line (in her riding clothes), and was busy making sure that the volunteers were being organized properly by the responsible volunteer who she had designated to be in charge. When she was satisfied that things were going okay, she got on her bike (wearing bib number 5) at 4:30 am (15 minutes before the start line was to officially open) and started on her way to Portland, Oregon.

At about 12:30 pm she arrived in the town of Chehalis, Washington where Dave was busy coordinating rider support in the STP Operations Control Center. Here she took a rest,  had a spaghetti meal, and then set out again for the last half of the ride to Portland. She then arrived in Portland at about 10:10 pm. Altogether, she took about 17 hours and 40 minutes to get to Portland, but spent 13 hours of that actually on her bike. The difference in time was taken up by rest stops and the need to check up on various volunteers along the route.

One Day Finisher Badge

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