Dave Completes Pond Project


Yes, it's finally done! It was a long project, started in early 2001, but now it's finished and a great addition to our backyard. It consists of an upper level pond, a bog garden, and a lower level deeper pond that contains an assortment of Koi and goldfish. There are five waterfalls, a rock feature with water coming out from the top, and a fountain in the lower pond. There is also a fog mister in the upper pond that provides a special effect. Filtration consists of a large buried box filter that feeds the upper pond, and there is also under-gravel filtration in the bog garden and lower pond where the water is pulled into a large electrical pump that is contained in a buried vault. The water level is maintained automatically in another special vault that contains a filler mechanism and an overflow exit. Of course there is extensive buried plumbing to make it all work and there is electrical outlets spaced in appropriate places for water features and lighting effects. And there is a low volume water sprinkler system to automatically keep the plantings well watered. Adjoining the pond is a new enlarged deck and a hot tub.We are truly thankful to our nearby neighbors who had to put up with piles of dirt and a view of our backyard that was not a pretty site before this project was completed.

Dave and Diana's backyard pond
Lower pond with fountain and bog garden in background
Water Lilley
Koi and goldfish

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