Show Time for our Triumphs

Late Spring and Summer brings out our two Triumphs for Show Time. After sitting in the garage and ignored for many months over the winter, it is now the time for them to bask in some glory and get some needed attention. With just a bit of dusting off with the duster and a little spay wax the 1969 GT6+ and the 1979 TR7 were back to looking refreshed and feelin proud again.

Paine Field General Aviation Days

Diana's 1979 TR7
Dave's 1969 GT6+

On May 15th, the car club we belong to, The Tyee Triumph Club, was once again invited to come to "General Avaition Days" at Paine Field to show off our classic vintage cars. At 8:00 in the morning, some 15 cars rendezvoued together and then proceeded to Paine Field where the cars were then lined up for public display. Some 8,500 visitors came on this warm and gorgeous day to partake in an airshow of vintage planes and to see many of the planes close up. And, we were there to take in the excitement and to let our cars absorb some admiring glances from the visitors. It was a warm and sunny day and the cars got some close inspection by the visitors.


Fenders on Front Street at Issaquah

Fenders on Front Street, Issaquah, WA
1979 TR7 and red 1969 GT6+
Fenders on Front Street, Issaquah, WA
1969 GT6+

On this 20th day of June, we were a bit concerned with the weather because we do not like to have our cars take baths on the highway. Water from the highway is not clean and the grime gets into those hard to reach places in the engine compartment, and then the cars are not pretty anymore. So, after Dave checked the weather report and found that we could get to Issaquah just before the rain would hit there, we decided to head out. Also, the weather report said it would clear up later in the day, so we were assured that we would have dry roads on the way back home.

After arriving in Issaquah and our rendezvous with the other Triumphs from the Tyee Club, we all proceded together to the club's assigned location on Front Street. Soon, all twelve of the cars were lined up proudly as it started to gently sprinkle with some of that Northwest liquid sunshine. Yes, it got a bit wet. And then it got wetter, and quite chilly, and then really dreary. We began to wonder if the rain was really going to stop. The cars seemed happy enough that they were finely out of the garage, but we were thinking that we would rather be in the garage. As lunch time came around, we were ready to retreat to the local micro brewry and the dining establishment there. We ate and dallied there as long as we could, as we watched the rain come down. When we got back to the cars, they seemed happy enough, sparkling in the rain drops that were beading up on their fenders. But, Dave was getting worried that those rain drops on the road would soon end up in the engine compartment. Many of the other proud vehicles (some pictured below) were begining to leave and it looked like the show might end sooner than planned. Well, the show did end sooner than planned, and it was still raining. So, we decided to take a long walk to see if we could outwait the wetness. After stopping for some refreshment, then some shopping, the precipitation did give way to some periodic fine mist. Soon, the major highways began to partially dry from the busy traffic, and we were able to make it home without hardly any sign of the wetness in the engine compartments. As the cars found their home in the garage, the skys darkend and the heavens let loose once again. It was not the most rewarding of outings, but the cars were able to get some exercise.


Mukilteo Car Show


On June 26th, the First Annual Mukilteo Car Show was held at the Kamiak High School parking lot. This was taking place on the same day as the huge Greenwood Car Show in Seattle, where several cars from our Triumph Club were going to be, but we decided to support our community instead and we put our GT6+ in the show. It turned out to be a beautiful day with lots of fun and excitement, and the mayor was there to inspect the cars.



All British Field Meet

On July 24th was the 22nd Annual All British Field Meet (ABFM) in Bellevue, Washington, which is Western Washington's largest British car show. We put both the GT6 and the TR7 in the show. There were over 600 entrants from daily drivers to complete restorations. There was also a large swap meet and a "for sale area" where you could pick up a rare relic. This is the place to go to see about every kind of british car made, and it is surprising to find that there are actually a lot of these old cars around, although you rarely see some of them on the highway. Like the two cars of ours, most of them hibernate in their garages a great part of the time. The highlight for us was the fact that there were trophies (actually medals) given for the top cars in each class. There were 165 classes altogether, with 9 classes in the Triumph division. The TR7 got second place in its class (out of 8 cars) and the GT6 got third place in its class (out of 6 cars). For us, it was a successful and proud experience.

GT6+ at British Field Meet

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