Citizens Hearing on Disclosure

30 April 2013

(Copyright 2013, by David Schindele, Captain, USAF Retired)


The Citizens Hearing on Disclosure (CHD) was held at the National Press Club in Washington DC from 29 April to 3 May 2013. If you had been there with me at the Hearing, you might have suspected that I was a bit reluctant about participating in that great event. There definitely was some trepidation on my part, but I then decided to take part after some serious thinking about the matter. I had come to the realization that I owed it to myself and also to the American public to appear in person with the truth about the unearthly incident I experienced in the Air Force.

This CHD event was spectacular in regard to the number of well-placed people who were present, and in the magnitude of the five day extravaganza. It was organized through the leadership of Steven Bassett of the Paradigm Research Group with the purpose of disclosing the truth about an extraterrestrial presence on Earth; a presence which has long existed, and manifested in many recorded sightings over the last sixty years. Staged in the form of a Congressional Hearing, the goal of the hearing was to inform former members of Congress and to encourage involvement of mainline press, both of who have maintained a "hands off" attitude to the extraterrestrial question.

It has long been recognized that there is a stigma associated with the consideration of flying objects and with the entire extraterrestrial question as a whole, and this stigma is why current members of Congress have refused to consider the subject. This is also why the mainline press has refused to get involved, although there is much more to it than that. The prevailing stigma has been associated with the closing of minds or a "truth embargo" on any consideration in regard to the reality and truth of the extraterrestrial question, and this has provided free reign for skeptics and debunkers to exhibit their egotistical rhetoric and ridicule. That skepticism actually resides in most all of us to some extent because we have become conditioned to a "tongue in cheek" attitude toward it. However, the real life experience that I was subsequently involved with served to turn me around and put me on a path toward speaking out on that experience. My mind has been opened to active consideration of the "unlikely" although it has been a difficult process to proceed beyond my experience and proactively endorse the notion of aliens, alien/human hybrids, abductions, animal mutilation, telepathy, mind control, crop circles, and other seemingly fanciful paranormal derivatives that follow with this. However, don't get me wrong here; I'm completely aware that unearthly objects under intelligent control have been paying us a visit for a very long time, but I also know that the public may see those particular derivatives as a "turn off" toward learning the truth. I am therefor somewhat reluctant to profess those particular derivatives, and I feel most comfortable in relating only what I know of the incident I was involved with and the fact that we are being visited by intelligent life forms.

In order to get the public to accept the fact that an extraterrestrial presence has existed in this world, it cannot be expected that the public must ingest the whole aspect of it all at once. For me, the process of expanding the mind to finally accept the associated derivatives has been a process of stepwise introduction. It should be no different for the general public. If the public is suddenly overwhelmed with derivatives that are too difficult to grasp, contemplate, take hold of, and relate with reality, it will only serve to provide a negative distraction. This will be magnified if thrown upon a mostly uninformed public. Without dwelling on the derivatives, it becomes much easier to learn and to accept that many very reputable, credible, and highly responsible people have had actual encounters with flying objects. When this understanding takes hold, it then becomes possible to take serious notice of the reality and truth of the extraterrestrial question. After that, the derivatives will follow for further consideration and acceptance.

Part of my initial reluctance to attend the hearing was based on the distractions that were to be included in the hearing, as I did not want to be related with the "kook factor" that so many in the public seem to associate with the derivatives previously mentioned. In fact, it was difficult for me not to be distracted by some of that; especially when listening to some back room discussions at the Hearing. Yes, I do have an open mind, but like the general public, I'm also aware that "kooks" are naturally attracted to this stuff, and I'm not a psychiatrist who might be better able to jump into someone's mind and separate out fiction from reality. Of similar concern to me was the possibility that a few at the Hearing may not have been vetted with totally reliable credentials. On the other hand, there were a great many well-known, respected, and intelligent people at the Hearing who have been involved for many years and stand out as great examples of humble leadership for disclosure. Who could doubt former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer, former Apollo Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, and many others who were there! Many of them have dedicated huge amounts of time and effort in having the truth disclosed. A few, who have immersed themselves into those derivative areas, have become well-spoken experts, and have discovered the truth. Their zeal to reveal it all, however, gave me a sense that the public might become swayed more by the fantasy factor than by the truth. All in all, however, my feeling of the CHD event was that it was a tremendous step forward for disclosure.

For me, the real bright spot at the Hearing was meeting Robert Salas for the first time. He had been instrumental in taking a load off my mind about a dozen years previous. It was in 2001 that I discovered that he had experienced an incident at a Minuteman Launch Control Facility (LCF) connected with Malmstrom AFB; an incident that was almost identical to mine at Minot AFB and occurring during the same time frame. The incident was so similar and so coincidental that my haunting memory from long ago was immediately relieved, but it also left me with a nagging obligation to start speaking out.

Yes, the Air Force told me to never speak about the incident again, which has been an intimidating factor, but for me there has been a higher moral obligation that compels me to inform the public on the truth of the extraterrestrial question. I understand that the government and the Air Force may have valid concerns in regard to releasing information on whatever valuable technology they've uncovered from unearthly objects. They would not want adversaries to even have a clue of that. However, I firmly believe that time is way overdue for truth to be disclosed and the public informed that Earth has been visited by other intelligence from outside this world. The public can handle the disclosure. The government can keep their other valuable secrets as they see fit, although it would be hoped that any technology that could benefit humanity might be released.

I created this website in 2005 to speak out on the matter, and then in 2010 I gave an interview to UFO researcher Robert Hastings. Now, I have appeared in public at the Citizens Hearing on Disclosure, even though the trepidation is still there. What advantage is there for me in doing all this you might ask? Absolutely nothing! What will come of this effort? Probably nothing. Will members of Congress take notice? No. Will the mainline press take notice? No. Will the public take notice? Probably not. So why have I done this? Because it is the right thing to do and I would hope that other Air Force personnel who I am aware of, and also many others who are on the fence, would take that leap and join me in a moral obligation to humanity and reveal the truth about the fact that we are not alone in the Universe.